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What Are The Benefits?

Reduced Energy Bill

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Switch to solar and instantly save on your energy bills day one.

Gain Grid Independence

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Stop relying on others for your energy. Take control of your power.

Increase Your Home Value

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Raise the real estate value of your home with the addition of energy storage systems.

Seamless Bill Swap

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Switch to solar and save on your energy bills with The Power Bill Swap program.

Fully Transferable

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Our solar system agreements are fully transferable, making it easy if you decide to move.

No Price To You

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Enjoy the benefits of solar energy without any upfront costs.

How It Works

Who Qualifies For These Benefits?

It's Easy To Qualify!

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Are You a Homeowner?

We use your address to calculate projected rates for your zone calculated from the Sun.

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Rooftop Address

Having a good credit score is one of the main criteria to qualify for solar panel installation and financing.

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Credit Score

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